Happy Professional Engineers Day

August 7, 2019

Did you know that August 7 is officially a day where we recognize professional engineers around the world? This year celebrates the 4th year recognition and we are over the moon excited. The first PE license was awarded back in 1907, and has a rich history. This license is not some fly by night certificate. Oh no, each state recognizes and regulates this license. It is put into place to give authority to engineers to sign and seal engineering plans to show that they are competent to service the public.

So, let’s talk about the PE exam in greater detail. There are several sections to it depending on which exam you’re sitting for.

· The PE Civil exam is a breadth and depth examination. This means that examinees work the breadth section in the morning and one of the five depth modules in the afternoon. Helpful hint: Get yourself the CERM index which is a PE Civil Reference Manual; a very important tool for studying.

· The Chemical engineer exam requires 4 years’ post college experience. The exam sitting time is 8 hours and has 80 questions. The questions are related to Stoichiometry, you know heat transfer, reactive kinetics as well as an understanding of unit operations (heat exchanges, pumps, and distillation). Helpful hint: Theory is key for this exam so know your stuff.

· The Mechanical engineer exam takes about 250-300 hours of prep and you should start studying about 3-4 months prior to the exam. There will also be some experience type questions, so work hard. Fluid questions are all throughout the exam and not in one specific area. Keep in mind, that the test focuses mainly on area moment of inertia instead of polar moment of inertia but know the difference. Helpful hint: Get yourself the MERM index which is a PE Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual; critical to studying for this exam.

Be sure if you are sitting for one of these exams that you bring power bars, reference materials a back-up calculator and extra mechanical pencils. Good luck!

We want to recognize and thank all of our Professional Engineers!